Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) Kinesiology

AFP is a system of kinesiology developed by Dr. Alweena Awan and Caroline Ancely. Using AFP can help to restore your body and mind to a state of balance and equilibrium.

The AFP system identifies points of stress, or underlying causes, of dis-ease in the physical, psychological and spiritual body. Once points of stress are addressed the AFP system uses gentle yet powerful techniques to restore the natural flow of energy and thereby facilitate self-healing in the body. With AFP you clear physical, emotional, structural or energetic blockages as well as belief systems, to help find the pathway to make new choices. Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) works at profoundly deep levels allowing you to access your body’s own innate wisdom and realise your unlimited potential.

Personally, AFP kinesiology has given me the courage to really be myself, clearing subconscious belief systems and stressors. We are full of potential but all sorts of distractions, blockages, sabotages, interference, resistance, belief systems hinder us from connecting to our essential nature. AFP helps to connect to joy, centres your heart, hydrates your soul and reconnects with the original intention of your higher self. AFP helps to take responsibility for our behavior, gives permission to allow the release of old patterns and programmes, habits and situations to the part of us which creates experiences for healing to occur.

After spending many years in University and working in clinical settings, where rigorous scientific research is valued, it came as quite the surprise to me that my energy was my gift. As I’m working with energy and intent the person does not always have to be physically present for healing to happen. If you can’t make it to me I can do a distance session for you.

Feedback and testimonials Attuning to Full Potential Kinesiology sessions

“I did wonder what a distance session would be like, and even what it would do and how it would change my life. I trusted that Jane understands the impact of distance sessions and spoke with her about how it works first. After the session Jane emailed me an extensive overview of the work she did. The impact of the session unfolded over the next few days, as is my experience with the face to face sessions she does. I knew if shifted something significant for me and was absolutely as powerful as a face to face session” B, Cork Feb 2017.

“I didn’t feel the pain in my leg at all today and I felt lots going on when Jane was doing the session. She knows what she’s doing” B Ziari, Bradford, UK, Jan 2017.

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