Jane Hegarty


Jane Hegarty B.A. (Psych) Hons, M.Sc (SLT) Hons, Touch For Health Kinesiology Proficiency, Attuning to Full Potential Kinesiology (AFP), Child Centre Method Holistic Therapies (CCM).

A little bit about me and why I do what I do…..

I am a clinical and holistic therapist based in Cork. I have worked with children with ASD and their families for over ten years. My interest in clinical therapies began in 2000, when I studied for my B.A. in Psychology and Psychoanalysis. In 2006 I spent a further 2 years studying for my Masters Degree in Speech and Language Therapy. As a mother of two young children I have taken a crash course at the intensive university of Mammy, my most challenging course yet! I know first-hand the joys, stresses and challenges of family life and trying to be a professional time juggler. When your child faces a challenge you’ll try anything. This is what I did. I took my daughter to see a kinesiologist who was a Child Centre Method (CCM) and Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) Practitioner. This experience opened up a whole new way of viewing and approaching my own personal challenges and those of my children. I am delighted that I can now offer these amazing therapies to my own clients. Whether you or your child experiences emotional, behavioural or learning challenges my clinic can offer something for you.


Following my own discovery of the benefits of The Child Centre Method and Attuning to Full Potential kinesiology I undertook training in Touch for Health (TFH) kinesiology with Jackie Lysaght at Harmony Holistics. I also studied Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) kinesiology and The Child Centre Method (CCM) Holistic therapies with Dr.Alweena Awan at Potential Training College. Along the way I have realised the power of my own intuition and energy. I listened to my intuition and I was surprised by the answers I found.


The Child Centre Method (CCM) is an evidence based therapeutic intervention for learning, behaviour and emotional challenges. The CCM uses holistic modalities to provide effective strategies to integrate primitive or postural reflexes that may be affecting your child’s learning and behaviour. It’s not just for kids. Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) is a system of kinesiology that uses powerful vibrational icons to release blockages and find a new state of balance and attuning to your full potential.I believe that using my experience, training and innate knowledge I can help you to realise your unlimited potential and encapsulate your own unique essence. Guiding you on a journey to becoming your true self and believing in the truth of you really are.

Helping children and families has always been at the heart of what I do. I feel passionate about my work and I value making a difference. I’m motivated by a desire to help people to make a difference for themselves or their children. I bring together ten years of clinical experience along with AFP and CCM to help you or your child realise your unlimited potential.

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